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ITalian’s Way

Italy, country of beauty, envy of the world, where fashion, design, culinary art, wine culture and hospitality find their natural habitat, here excellence, traditions and entrepreneurship match more than perfectly.


Milan, this icon city is always at the forefront of the movement, where the Italian lifestyle find its full expression: glamour, elegance, innovation and creativity, here we make our start on promoting this lifestyle, called Italian’s Way in the world.


We are partner of those companies and people who look forward, go further geographical borders, overcome cultural diversity, together we get involved, share risks and face challenges with humility and determination.


Three paths to success: starting with a vision, strategy setting, actions.

Business Development
& Internationalization

China is complex and challenging market to succeed in, cultural diversity, distinct consumer attitude, fast evolving economic context require disruptive expansion strategy to get there.

Digital Transformation

The year ahead is set to be full of digital challenges, being technologically disruptive can help you navigate the rapidly evolving market.

Business Strategy & Marketing

Growing systematically in both home (Italy) and overseas (China) market requires global vision and local expertise.


In the context of Italian lifestyle, we are committed to create professional training programmes, enriched by valuable live experience.


Business-Driven, Opportunity Pursuing Mindset

There are many ways to do internationalization: we consider the cultural approach the key to connecting different worlds.
Powered by cross-cultural awareness and understanding, through the training and live experience, we link Chinese professionals, managers and students to Italian lifestyle and create multichannel to further interactions.


In the meantime, we collaborate with companies helping them reorganize for a correct positioning in long terms perspective in Chinese market.


We move forward starting with a vision, develop strategies turning them into actions, support companies and people to change the game rules. Focused on opportunities, we are dedicated to transforming them into profitable businesses through branding, product positioning, marketing & communication, partnerships building and innovative channels strategy.

About Us

Through deep knowledge and understanding of the cultural intelligence, we want to create a bridge to connect distant worlds not only geographically but also culturally.


In respect of traditions, history and culture, riding wave of innovation and digital transformation, armed with enthusiasm and passion, we help entrepreneurs and managers in the food, wine, fashion and hospitality industry expand successfully into Chinese market.


We believe that training companies, professionals and consumers is a powerful tool to make them fully feel the Italian lifestyle.


In the fast evolving times, we are convinced that putting right people, adopting creative strategy, embracing disruptive technology can make a big difference, the best way to shake up further is to change the game rules.


Cup of coffee & tea (/day)


Years of valuable experience


Wine labels studied


Professional figures trained


Built purposefully by 6 professionals who come from different backgrounds and disciplines, we share an unique vision, behind all of us more than 100 years of experience…

Domenico Gullì
Jiny Wang
Chief Marketing Officer
Eugenio Landi
Chief Digital Officer
Federica Barlera
Hospitality Experience Manager

Vuoi far parte del nostro Team?

Siamo convinti che il modo migliore di pensare al futuro sia cambiare le regole del gioco oggi.

Meet the Team